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Alarm Clock with Speaker

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* Dukungan V4.1 + EDR bluetooth standar
* Mendukung A2DP HIFI stereo play
* Speaker: speaker lengkap 3 inci + film getaran pasif
* Impedansi: 4Ω
* Jarak operasi: 10 meter
* Daya output: 3W
* Catu daya: 5V 1000mA
* Baterai: 3.7V 2200mAh * 2 baterai Lithium
* Waktu pemutaran musik: 6-20 jam
* Jam menggunakan: sekitar 80 Jam
* Waktu siaga: About1000Hours
* Waktu pengisian: Sekitar 4 jam



Wireless Speakers Alarm Clock, Radio & Bluetooth offer features that are not like ordinary Bluetooth speakers, equipped with an alarm / alarm clock feature. clear sound quality and kicking bass.

Bluetooth connection

With Bluetooth technology, you can connect with smartphones, iPhones, tablets.

Radio function

You can enjoy music on your favorite radio channels even though you don't have a collection of songs on your micro SD.

Wireless Speaker Alarm Clock, Radio & Bluetooth


Wireless Bluetooth Clock Speaker - Black is very portable and high-quality speaker that provides powerful sound. Usage: Computer, Home Theater, Mobile Audio Player Channels: 2 (2.0) Special Features: Mini, Portable, Wireless Style: Durable design RMS: 4Ohm 1 * 2W

Frequency response: 160Hz-16KHz

Airtime: 2-4 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Wireless Speaker - Radio & Bluetooth


Specifications: User Guide.

 Basic Functions: Mini / USB / Wireless Speaker

Dimensions: 374x66x55 mm.

Output Power: 2 * 5 W.

Input Power Supply: DC5V 1200MAH

Radio signal to noise:> 80dB

Speaker Specifications: 3Ω5W ɸ52mm


Dimensions: 40x8x6 cm

Wireless Speaker Radio - Bluetooth - Touchscreen


Dimensions: (LxWxH): 214 x 109 x 75 mm

Features: Bluetooth, FM Radio, Audio AUX cable, Charging Cable, TF mode, Alarm clock, Lighting Adjustment.

Bluetooth Standard: 4.2,

Operating Distance: <10m,

Frequency Range: 60Hz-18KHz,

Signal to Sound Ratio> 75dB