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Sofa L Shape


Enjoy your time with Sofa L Shape. The holder and the back of a thick and soft will make anyone feel at home sitting for long time. A harmonious blend of colors produces warmth in your home and office.

Note : Cream

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Lounge Chair


Decorating a house with a nice does not mean to waste your budget and savings money with your partner / family. The Lounge Chair offers timeless elegant design at an affordable price

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Made with a classic design and simple, but behind it all power can support all family members on various occasions

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HD Media Console


The plus points of this cabinet lie in its antique look that gives a unique touch to the whole room. Solid and strong, this rack is made of high quality solid wood that is very durable. Size is designed to fit in your apartment or house unit. To be sure,Media Console TV will be a centerpiece that is not boring to look at.

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Coffee Table


After struggling with routine work, it's time to free yourself and do what you love. The Coffee Table also has storage capacity for your book or magazine. With brown colors that radiate warmth, this furniture can complement your living room.

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Cabinet Rack


Minimalist appearance makes it easy to blend with various types of room, wherever he is laid. Starting from the book the little boy, to the book collection, everything can be stored neatly in this cabinet

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TV Credenza


The house is a beautiful and memorable place. The sadness is to throw away one of the memories of family happiness just because of lack of space. Therefore, Credenza TV comes as a place to capture all the momentum of your family.

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Drawer Cabinet


Cabinets with a total capacity of 3 drawers is ready to be a storage solution of your every need. From blankets to knick-knacks, these drawers have plenty of space that you can maximize.

Lounge Chair


When you want to read a book,you have a new idea, or just want to enjoy the weekend, the Lounge Chair is ready to be a loyal friend. Foam pads are abundant make you will not stiff even sit for long time. To be sure, feel the sensation of being a king with the comfort offered by the Lounge Chair

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Side Table


Side table was designed with a beautiful indentation and three legs of a slender, wooden table that is certainly very interesting and fresh to look at. Complete your living room with this side table.

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Its indoor foam-lined stand supports your lower body after a day of activity.Ottoman is present to accompany time chatting with friends or dearest family in any room

Sofa L-Shape


Whatever your activities in the marriage life, surely everyone needs a comfortable place to rest for a moment. Let the L Shape Sofa be your place to completely forget all the busyness and fatigue every day